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Weird dreams.

2011-07-12 15:28:03 by Dulexe321

you guys out there, listen up .... i got these sorta weird dreams like me signing up a contract of how not to make yourself laugh , or something like me flying endlessly and not stopping and even if I stop i end up getting up with a start . but wait .... let me get you to the point, normally after I get these sorta dreams my daylight times also become WEIRD.I think some 10 years back or so when I was 4 years old,I had gone to an amusement park in the desert (I live in Dubai,its in the middle east,but I am an Indian)
my head got stuck in the front gate!!!.oh and the weird part is that I was actually enjoying my head getting stuck . but my sister who was just 12 years old at that time pulled my head out.ok,forget about that now .... I felt sort of weird writing this .... :/